Welcome to the Engiadina Bassa Museum in Scuol

House Cha Gronda



The impressive, stately-looking museum building with its Renaissance arcades is popularly known as “chà gronda” (large house) or “la Clastra” (the monastery). In fact, Eberhardt, one of the lords of Tarasp, founded a monastery in the lower historical part of the village of Scuol in 1098 and it may well be that the very old foundation walls of the "chà gronda" with their gates framed with tuff were part of this monastery complex. After eventful events over the centuries, the building was generously expanded to its present-day appearance between 1702 and 1704.


In 1954, the museum association founded in the same year took over the building and set up the Lower Engadine regional museum in it. This gives an insight into an authentic Engadine house and the original, unique lifestyle and building culture of this region.


The Museum d´Engiadina bassa Scuol is TIM TAM partner. Mister Armon Parolini is your guide .