The barn

The hay was driven onto the treshing floor (iral), a wooden bridge some height above the barn floor (quarta). From here the farmer threw the hay right and left into the quarta. As soon as the hay was higher than the iral, the puddles of hay were pulled with a winh to the upper barn floor (charpenna) and supplied from here. The barn provided enough space to store all of the hay harvest. On the right hayloft (quarta) agricultural implements are exhibited as they were used until the middle of the 20th century. The treshing floor was also used to tresh the grain.. The installation of a complete watermill from Ftan during the establishment of the museum underlines the importance of grain cultivation. From the lower barn floor you can see the power transmission by means of a wooden gear wheel, wich sets the millstone in motion.

Der Stall im Engandinerhaus