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As part of a partial redesign of the entrance area planned for 2021, the existing information board was dismantled. Behind it, as the historian Paul E. Grimm once suggested, a valuable fresco came to light.


The fresco shows a depiction of Anna Selbdritt (Saint Anna holding her daughter Maria and the baby Jesus on her knees). It was probably created by a northern Italian painter around 1496 in the church of San Lurench von Sent.


On the occasion of the church restoration in 1958, the fresco was exposed again, but the Reformed pastor of Sent at the time no longer wanted it in his church.


The art historian Erwin Poeschel then suggested the removal of the picture and then tried in vain to leave it to a Catholic Church. On the initiative of Men Rauch, the fresco was reapplied in the Lower Engadine Museum that he had just founded. Unfortunately, the work suffered on a rather unsuitable surface, so that suitable conservation measures had to be initiated by an experienced restorer. The fresco can currently be viewed in the entrance hall of the museum.