Special exhibition

Peter Ammon: Original lower Engadine farmer life

Special exhibition 2020/21

The Lower Engadine Regional Museum provides an insight into an authentic Engadine house and the original Engadine way of life and building culture. The well-known Swiss photographer Peter Ammon, born in 1924, captured rural life in the Lower Engadine with a large-format camera between 1954 and 1959 (i.e. exactly when the museum was founded). The large-format, high-quality color photos are shown in the new special exhibition of the Lower Engadine Regional Museum. They are staged and distributed in the various rooms of the museum, from the stables in the basement to the unique, almost five hundred year old “Stüva da Lavin” in the attic and thus reinforce the authentic experience of earlier farming and living culture. Information on the photographer's career, the creation of the pictures and a film complete the exhibition. The exhibition can be seen from September 2020 to October 2021 during the normal opening hours of the museum.